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No matter what your body looks like, what you’re going through, or what you’ve been conditioned to feel, we can learn to love our bodies in every stage of life. 

Learning to love yourself doesn’t have to mean that you like how you look ALL the time or you’re the most confident person in the room, but it DOES mean constantly making choices that benefit your health and wellness. The first step is learning to put yourself first. Join Robin in this insightful episode to learn how she’s learned to love her body and how you can too. 

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Telling people to “just love their bodies” can often make the process even harderLoving your body is less about your physical appearance and more about showing love to your body It’s important to reflect on our self-dialogue because we often have negative self-talk towards ourselves that we would never reflect on someone else What is your gut reaction when you think about your body? We should assess our habits and behaviors that reflect whether we love and care for our bodies or are sabotaging ourselves When you get into a flow of making decisions that are best for you, you get into a rhythm instead of constantly feeling like you’re working against yourself 

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