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Happy Sunday! It’s weekly recap time. My next marathon will be Vienna, which is not until April, so this is a bit more of a base training period.

Here’s how this week went in fitness (and life in London as an American!)

Monday: Rest from running after the 10k the day before.

I completed day 9 of the Caroline Girvan Iron Strength program on YouTube after work, which was a full-body workout. It was a doozy!

Tuesday: Run commute; I took the most direct route which was just over 4 miles, and then did a 3 mile social run with some colleagues for 7-ish miles on the day. My colleague Nicole and I are trying to start a monthly group run at the office, but its usually only 3-4 people who show up each time. Still a nice way to get to know other people at the office.

Got to get that quintessential red telephone booth pic!

That evening, I completed day 10 of Iron Strength, which was back and biceps.

Wednesday: Hill repeats! My plan called for 5 repeats; I went up Primrose Hill 4 times and then counted Haverstock Hill on my run back home as the 5th.

Thursday: 7 mile run around Regent’s Park.

Frost on the grass! I’m not used to seeing frost on green grass. In Minnesota, by the time it was cold enough for frost, the grass was long dead and brown!

Day 11 of Iron Strength after work- leg day!

Friday: Finally a wfh day; (I was in the office 4 days this week.)

Dustin also worked from home, so he decided to join me for a 6.75 mile run with some moderate miles (for me) in there in the middle around Regent’s Park. What a treat!

Friday evening was my company’s holiday party, which was held at Mr. Fogg’s Apothecary in Mayfair with a 1920’s theme. I found a dress at Anthropologie that had a bit of a 1920’s look, with fringe at the bottom. Sadly, I didn’t take much for pictures at the party, but there was a professional photographer there who probably captured some good ones. I hope there is one of Dustin and me together!

Saturday: Friday was a later evening (for me- creeping up on midnight is late for me!) I slept in a bit and then did a short 4.4 mile run in the Heath with Ruth and Dustin.

Ruth and Matilda had some fun in the Heath chasing that early London sunset later that day!

Saturday night, we took the tube into Covent Garden to see the Christmas decorations. We walked down Bond street to see all the stores lit up- so pretty! Eventually we made our way to an 8 pm booking at NOPI for dinner.

Sunday: There isn’t a Tracksmith store in London yet, but one is opening in Marylebone soon, and the company is hosting several events in the running community, including Sunday long runs!

Since there isn’t a store, the run group was hosted at Workshop Coffee in Marylebone, both pre-and-post run (with free coffee and pastries afterwards!)

The group for the long run was pretty big- maybe 60+ people. They had pacers for 7:30 min/mile to 11 min/mile. I joined the 9 min/mile group, but the average was 8:41, so bit faster than advertised, ha!

I did meet a few new people, though I don’t know if I’ll see them again; getting to the starting place for this run was a bit of a longer tube ride, but running with other people might be motivation to join again.

Post-run, more time at Hampstead Heath again for the pups!

They are living their best lives here. The Heath is such a great place for dogs.

Summary: 43 miles of running, 25 miles of walking, 3 days of Iron Strength, daily 10 min core on Peloton

In other London news, we went to our first Sunday roast at a pub. This is a popular tradition at most pubs on Sundays; I had never heard of it before we moved here, but everyone has asked “have you done Sunday roast yet?” So it was time, ha!

We went to the Sunday roast at the nearest pub to us, the Stag. It was delicious!

That’s a wrap!

I’m linking up with Running on the Fly and Confessions of a Mother Runner; check out their blogs to connect with other fitness bloggers for workout ideas and inspiration!

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