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It’s marathon week! My 40th marathon will be on October 16, 2022! Technically this a recap of two weeks out from the race.

Monday: 7.5 mile morning run around Regent’s park.

About a year ago, I tweaked my back so bad, and it was sore for a week. I did it again and have no idea how, but I spent most of my “strength training” time just doing a bunch of downward and upward dogs, cat and cow poses, and really working to loosen it up. The stretching hurt, but it definitely helped.

Monday was also a little stressful as I “broke up” with our regular dog walker; it was a really bad fit. We’re back to Rover, which seems to be a better option. I met with a new dog walker that evening from Rover who seems amazing. But overall, dog care is a lot harder here! In the US, we had friends and family, as well as Pampered Pooch Playground for boarding. A lot of boarding places here have long waiting lists and/or require you to also be a regular doggy daycare client. Ruth goes once a week to Bruce’s doggy daycare (where she gets picked up in a van and taken out to the country to run all day!) but they don’t offer boarding there. So we are still struggling a bit for our Christmas trip to Finland….tough time of year to find care!

BUT- Ruth and Matilda are 100% worth any hassle. They are just the best good girls, (no matter what mean dog walkers say about them!)

Tuesday: 5 mile run with Ruth up Primrose Hill. Lovely little morning. 10 min core + 10 min upper body on Peloton.

Wednesday: Rest day from running. More stretching, then 10 min core + a 20 min Ally Love barre class on Peloton. Lots of walking, its the London way!

And lots of off-lead time for Ruth and Matilda at the Heath.

Thursday: Last big workout! 3 miles easy, 4x(1 mile marathon effort + 1/2 mile faster + 1/2 mile jog), 1 mile cooldown for 12 miles total. That was a big one to do before work, but I planned it for a wfh day when I have a little more time in the morning. It was a windy but lovely London morning and I felt pretty good on this run. I ran by the London zoo and saw the zebras and a warthog. I’m sure true Londoners don’t get as excited, but I think its kind of neat to run right past the animals!

Friday: Ruth run again to Primrose and then a bit around Regent’s. I think this was her first time running around Regent’s. She said hi to a giraffe at the zoo!

Saturday: 10 mile long run. Shorter than my workout earlier this week!

Sunday: 5 mile run with Dustin and Ruth on the trails at the Heath.

And…our first visitors arrived! My younger sister Laurie, her husband Jeff, his sister Heidi and her husband Adam arrived for three nights with us in London before they take the train to Paris. We have a lot of fun activities planned! It might not be 100% perfect timing to have visitors the week of our marathon, but honestly, I am not worried about that. The marathon is important, but family and visitors are more important. I’m excited to show them our new life here.

Summary: 45 miles of running.

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