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 Are you struggling to stay true to your own health and fitness journey?
When you attended school, you were taught to stay active and participate in sports to stay healthy and fit and most had gym class. 
As you have gotten older, I bet your doctor encourages you to walk and stay active for your health. 
People are also sharing diets, recipes, and moves all over Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram for weight loss. There’s a ton of inspiration out there online! 
Which is wonderful, but how many of you are watching from your couch, chair, or your bed and not actually doing any of it? Oh, that’s not good. 
You need to find your fitness! 
Try Speed Walking for Weight loss and a Mental Health Boost
Speed Walking – What is it? 
Walking at a fast pace swinging your arms and fists with elbows bent, up and down as if you were running. You should walk faster than you normally do. 
You can do this around the outside of your house (possibly inside of your house if it’s large), in your driveway, around the block, in a parking lot, or at the mall. 
Grab some comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.
Benefits of Speed Walking
No gym fee! 
You feel more relaxed and positive. It’s a few moments of freedom to think about anything you want. It’s also good for your mood and for your peers around. 
Walking several times a day clears your mind and gives your mental health a boost. 
It doesn’t take much time when speed walking to get your heart rate up. Increasing your heart rate trains your body to move oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently, helps you burn more calories and lowers your cholesterol. All of this can help you stay healthy and lower your cancer risk.
Walking improves your cholesterol levels, heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, muscle flexibility, joint health, burns calories, and takes off the weight.
What more could you ask for? All positive reasons to walk, right? 
Use a Step Counter or Fitbit
Get yourself a step counter or Fitbit or dig the one you have out of the drawer and dust it off!
There are also numerous step counter apps for your phone. Check out these!
The 10 Best Pedometer Apps for Android in 2022
Challenge yourself or challenge a friend to do so many miles or steps each week.
Tips for Getting the Most out of your Speed Walking
Bend your arms at your elbows and pump your arms while walking. This not only builds momentum, but actually helps to trim your side and back fat! 
Set an alarm throughout your busy day to remind you to get up and do it. 
Make it one of your daily healthy habits. Every time you take a break, speed (power) walk. 
Again, do a challenge. It’s fun and it gets you off the couch. Me and my friend placed a monthly bet, whomever does the most miles owes the other one a meal. It works! 
Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and tone up. Do you need me to repeat that? And it’s free! Could you imagine what you could do if you did daily speed walks and added some strength (weight) training? 


Time to get moving! 
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