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Whether the gym is a zoo or you’re training at home, it’s always good to have a total-body workout like this in your pocket: It can be done in a small square of space, and all you need is a single, solitary dumbbell.

“Doing a one-dumbbell workout allows you to do unilateral movements — those that use a single arm or a single leg,” says Samantha Lusk, CF-L1 and owner of Strange CrossFit in North Hollywood, California. “Unilateral movements prevent your body from compensating with the stronger side, forcing you to use both sides of the body equally. This helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances and requires you to utilize your core muscles more than you would with bilateral exercises.”

Choose a dumbbell with which you can complete all five moves, then use Lusk’s workout anytime, anywhere.

The One-Dumbbell Workout

Do three rounds of the below workout. Rest 30 seconds between rounds.

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