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Have you ever left a significant other alone in a room to build a piece of furniture, only to come back a few hours later to find the instructions discarded, a few “extra” screws set aside, and a finished product that . . . gulp, well, looks like it kinda might be OK?

I mean, maybe not “put-a-baby-down-to-sleep-in-it,” but heck, somehow someway, it turned out all right. Maybe even after a few weeks of daily use, you find out that it’s holding up surprisingly well. (Hint: Don’t ever actually admit this fact to them, or they’ll never read an instruction manual again.)

Thing is, workouts can be a little like that, as well. Sometimes tossing aside the official instructions and trying something new can yield results that you may not have expected but you can sure appreciate.

In the following back workout, designed by Ben Walker, personal trainer and owner of Anywhere Fitness in Dublin, you’ll find an uncommon approach to the order of the exercises — starting off with barbell movements (No. 1), followed by dumbbells in the heart of the session (No. 2) and finally three machine moves to finish the job (No. 3).

It’s not just for an interesting change of pace, however. The order is important because you’ll be starting off with the hardest, most challenging exercises first when you have the most energy to give, and then by the end, when your stabilizing muscles are shot, you can push through the final reps in the relatively safer confines of a machine. Sure, it may not be exactly how most workouts are built, but we think you’ll love how it all turns out!

The Results in 1-2-3 Back Workout

Note: Rest one minute between sets.

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