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Somewhere along the way, the idea of functional fitness” got, well, a little twisted — and not in the beneficial rotational core exercise” sort of way. 

More like, lets shun the most popular, foundational exercises for unnecessarily creative” and complicated movements. People will use bands, kettlebells, TRX trainers, tractor tires, flaming Swiss balls, rusty tools from an old shed (and whatever else is handy), perhaps even combining more than one of them into an awkward, multi-step movement that would make most Americas Got Talent acts roll their eyes. 

So, right off the bat, wed like to get something straight: Functional fitness isnt about things you normally dont do. Instead, its all about getting better at the types of things you do every day. We all squat, lunge and hinge at the hips. Well push, pull and carry objects. And yes, well often also rotate in one direction or the other while doing so.

The best functional workouts, then, incorporate these simple motions. Nothing should feel all that foreign to you when youre doing a well-designed functional session. That was the driving philosophy of Oxygen Elite Ambassador Josefine Holmberg, a celebrity trainer, online coach and NPC Bikini competitor based in Los Angeles (Instagram @holmbergjosefine) when she created the following five-move bodyweight-only routine.

The following is my go-to workout when I travel and I dont have access to any equipment because it targets all the main muscle groups in the body,” she says. It can be performed either bodybuildingstyle, doing three to four sets of eight to 20 reps each, or if you want to add a cardio element and pump your heart rate up a little, make it an AMRAP-type approach — setting a timer for 20 minutes and then rotating between the five movements, completing as many rounds as possible. I tend to switch between the two styles, depending on how much time I have and if Im in a muscle-building bulking phase or pre-contest shredding phase.”

Equipment Required: Exercise mat (if youd like one); you also can use a weighted vest if youre an advanced athlete looking for an extra challenge.

Josefine Holmbergs 20-Minute Total-Body AMRAP Circuit

Set a timer for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as possible of the following five exercises:

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