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Some of the most delicious, juicy fruits become ripe and available during summer. 

Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears to name a few of the headliners! 

Think back to your childhood and I bet you have a memory or picking these gems with cousins, brothers or sisters, parents, or grandparents.

Wiping them off on your clothes and taking that first, crisp, delicious bite of that ripe and ready piece of goodness. 

Did you hang out in the kitchen just to smell that fresh pie baking in the oven!

Put together with love and whipped up to perfection with a dollop of cool whip on top and cold ice cream on the side! A family tradition that you always looked forward to. 

Are you carrying on the family food traditions? Cooking and baking are important traditions to pass on to your children, don’t forget that. Start making your own family traditions today in your kitchen. Your children will learn so much and its quality time spent together!

We’ve scanned the internet for some delicious Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes just for you! 




We picked this strawberry shortcake recipe just for you because it’s simple, with only 6 ingredients! Use delicious strawberries right out of your own garden!

Find entire recipe here from





This luscious summer fruit pie is packed with plums, peaches, cherries and topped with a crunchy spicy crumb topping that tastes like glorious summertime.

Find recipe here from Eat the Love.




This Frosty Watermelon Ice dessert is something kids enjoy making. However, adults also enjoy eating this refreshing treat on those hot days of summer! 

Grab this tasty recipe here from Taste of Home




Fruit pizza makes the perfect dessert for that backyard BBQ or party! Guests will be saying “whoa!” when they lay eyes on the colorful, glazed fruit on top of cream cheese and a soft sugar cookie. Substitute any fruit you’d like. 

Get the recipe here from Baking a Moment 



The best peach cobbler is a simple one.

We love this recipe because it’s simple but dazzling for your taste buds. Ripened summer peaches are bursting with flavorful juices in every bite. The crust is light but has enough crunch to delight the taste buds. Serve this spectacular peach cobbler warm with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream for the perfect summer delectable treat! 

Get Recipe here from Serious Eats. 





That name itself–Carmel Pear Cookie sounds amazing! I mean thought of caramel and fresh pears together in a cookie sounds divine! 

Check out this simple recipe from Gimme Some Oven 




Have you every bit into a juicy, ripe plum? It’s amazing! Plums are high in vitamin A and vitamin C and are a delicious healthy snack. Try something a little different on the grill tonight with this unique plum dessert. See it here from Three Olives Branch


Let’s sum it up! 

There are many different summer fruits you can choose from. Add them in your weekly menu to make unique desserts for the ones you love.

Let the children help blend, mix, and prepare these dishes to learn and to spend quality time with you in the kitchen. 

They will cherish these dishes, the healthy ingredients, smells, memories and proudly pass them on to their children. 

Some of my fondest memories of my family were spent in the kitchen, how about you? 


Time to get cooking! 

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