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If you haven’t noticed by now, Italy is one of our very favorite places in the world. It has so many incredible places to visit, but there really is something extra special about the Amalfi Coast. Fresh seafood, breathtaking scenery, stunning water and lovely people are just a few reasons why we’ve become absolutely obsessed with it. There’s really nothing quite like Summer on the Amalfi Coast and if you’re thinking of taking a trip we highly recommend it.

This summer we spent a few weeks in Amalfi and it was truly a magical trip. We’ve laid out exactly what we did, where we ate, and where we stayed so you guys can experience Amalfi the Tash and Dev way.

Tips before you book:

-PLAN AHEAD! Traveling to the Amalfi Coast in the summer is high season so hotels and airbnb’s  get booked up really quick and flights can get pretty pricey.

-Bring Euros. Finding a bank is not impossible but it’s easier and more convenient to have them on hand to pay cabs, porters, and of course for gelato.

-Brush up on your Italian. We love Duolingo, an awesome app for learning new languages.

How to get to Amalfi:

The Amalfi Coast consists of a few different places; some of the most popular are Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Ravello, and Amalfi town. To get to the general Amalfi area you must fly into the Naples airport (NAP), which is approximately an hour and a half drive from Amalfi. The drive is long, but it is an experience in itself and has some of the most breathtaking views we’ve ever seen. Taxis from the Naples airport have fixed pricing to get to Amalfi and they generally cost around 150-170 euros depending on where you’re going. There is also an option to take the ferry from Naples to the port of your destination. This is a great option as it’s quicker and cheaper. It takes around 40min- 1 hour and cost around 15 euros per person depending on your destination.


Capri is a stunning little island off the coast of Amalfi. It has fabulous shopping, amazing food and restaurants and lots of activities like boat rides to the Blue Grotto. For those who don’t know, the Blue Grotto is a dark beautiful underwater cave that you’re able to explore via boat. Very Instagram worthy. A lot of people take day trips to Capri on the ferry, but we love it so much we decided we wanted to stay on the island.


Grand Hotel Quisisana

Price range 500-1200 euros per night depending on room and availability.

We loved staying at the Grand Hotel Quisisana, it is located perfectly in the center of Capri town and is walking distance to everything. The rooms were luxurious with a beautiful Italian charm and great views of the ocean or Capri town.

What to eat:

-Buonocore Gelateria is the most famous gelato spot in Capri. We’re guilty of coming here 2x a day somedays. Try the hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate or lemon. YUM.

-Da Paolino is a beautiful and famous restaurant covered in lemon trees! A must see in Capri. Watch out, sometimes lemons can drop down on the table!

-Villa Margherita- Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean. Romantic vibe.

-Ristorante Le Camerelle

– Rent a boat and have them take you to the Blue Grotto.

-Spend a day at La Fontelina beach club. This is the famous spot you’ve probably seen all over Instagram with the blue and white umbrellas. It is beach babes dream! Remember to book ahead for beach seats as spots get reserved quickly.


Positano is what many people think of when they envision the Amalfi Coast. Its picturesque landscape will take your breath away. Nestled in between cliffs, Positano town is filled with adorable homes, hotels, restaurants and bars. A 100% must see if you’re heading to Amalfi.


We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and an Airbnb while in Positano. Both were awesome!

Casa Buonocore Bed and Breakfast

Price range- 580 euros +

Airbnb- there are plenty of cheap and adorable options on Airbnb. Just make sure you book ahead of time as they go fast!

What to do:

-Pick up a cute souvenir for loved ones- Positano has endless shops to pick up one of a kind Italian pieces to bring home to loved ones. They are known for their beautiful lemon designs you’ll find on home decor and other unique finds.

-Spend a day at one of the beach clubs- Our favorite is La Scogliera Positano. You can always find great music, good people, and a Italian summer vibe. It is also home to a secret hidden beach that guests can swim to

-If you can, take a boat out for a few hours so you can get that classic Positano Instagram pic and explore the coast a little.

What to eat:

-Le Sirenuse- The most beautiful restaurant we’ve ever seen! This classic Italian restaurant was moody, so aesthetically pleasing and had a delicious menu. Although it was a bit pricey, it was definitely a dining experience.

-Collina Bakery- Collina bakery is great if you want to take a pie home or have a casual dinner. They have a small but delicious menu with amazing pizza and salads.

-La Cambusa- On the beach, specializes in fresh seafood.

-Casa E Bottega- If you need a break from heavy pasta this is a great option for a healthy meal. Menu includes salad, smoothies and other light selections.

-Bacchus Hole Gelato- Quite possibly the world’s best gelato! Crispy freshly made waffle cones and tons of amazing classic flavors.


Our Italy trip ended in beautiful Amalfi where we stayed for 5 days. Amalfi is about a 45 minute drive from Positano. We stayed at one of our favorite hotels in the world, Santa Caterina Amalfi. It has incredible views, impeccable service and its very beach club where you can jump directly into the ocean.


Santa Caterina Amalfi

Luxurious but still true to its Italian charm, Santa Caterina is our favorite because of its impeccable views and amazing service. The staff is so welcoming and helpful, you feel right at home. It is also the most picture perfect property nestled on the coast of land and water that it makes for the perfect picture opportunity from every angle.

Price range- 800-2000 euros + per night

Monastero Santa Rosa

Built in the late 17th century, the hotel was once a monastery. Rich in history this beautiful hotel in the clouds is truly one of a kind.

Price range- 800 euros + per night

Airbnb is a great option for Amalfi as the hotels can be quite pricey. Again, remember to book ahead.

What to do:

-Explore the town of Ravello for shopping and restaurants.

-Take a boat to explore the coast!

Our Italian Summer is the trip we look forward to all year long. We have been traveling to Italy for years, and are reminded of how majestic, beautiful and serene it is every time we visit. We hope this guide can help you plan an experience just as special as ours!


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