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You know when you find something that feels like a total game-changer and you want to tell everyone you know? 

Well, over the past year, I’ve found several hormone-health-friendly products that have made a huge difference in my life that I want to share with you. They’ve helped me tackle stress, get better sleep, and improve my skin — all areas of my health that affect how I feel on a daily basis.

And while I’m by no means perfect, I do feel so much better as a result of making small changes to my daily routine and adding in these products.

Here are just a few that I’m loving lately…

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Favorite Products

Non-Toxic CookwareReducing exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals in my food is essential. I love my Caraway set and Le Creuset (an investment for sure – I bought mine at their outlet) to help me reduce these chemicals on a daily basis.Clean Beauty products Your skin is your largest organ, so what you put on your skin is important! I love Osea for their serums + moisturizer, Ilia for their cheek stain, and Native Deodorant (I’ve been using this for years!). HydrationIt’s no secret staying hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy! I love using my large hydroflask to keep water nearby all day and have Harmless Harvest Coconut Water on hand for days I’m feeling a little more depleted and want some extra minerals and hydration support.Blue Light Blocking GlassesBlue light can really affect our sleep and our body’s biological clock (AKA circadian rhythm) when we look at screens late at night or too close to bed. By using blue light blocking glasses, you help the production of melatonin, which helps keep your body to its natural timing and get better sleep. I love these glasses and TBL team uses them too!Himalayan Salt LampThe warm pink and orange glow creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere within a room, helping to increase melatonin production for a comfortable night’s sleep.SupplementsI’ve talked a lot about my daily supplements on the podcast here!

Routines + Habits

Winding down an hour before bed with an epsom salt bath + a good book to help prepare me for a good night’s sleep.Keeping a lighter schedule in an effort to slow down (always a work in progress!).Morning sunlight as often as possible – this helps by triggering my body to stop the production of melatonin and increase cortisol, to help me feel away and ready for the day!Afternoon stretch + breathing breaks to calm my mind and refocus (and lowering stress-related hormones).Daily Pilates to help release endorphins and serotonin to help me feel my best (you aren’t surprised by that one, are you?).

Nourishing meals + snacks

I’ve been making a lot of smoothies with blueberries recently, like this one from Recipe Central! Smoothies are a great way to sneak in a lot of nutrients and help reduce inflammation.Eggs for breakfast for a solid protein and nutrient-rich start to the day. I love a good breakfast bowl! I also do my best to eat within an hour of waking to help keep my hormones and insulin balanced throughout the day.

While swapping out products isn’t a cure-all, simple changes to our products and routines can have a direct impact on our health and the way we feel each day, so I hope you find these helpful and are able to make small steps towards your healthiest self!


PS – These products and recommendations should not be considered medical advice. I encourage you to talk to your doctor so you can care for your hormones in a way that works best for you!

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