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I am always in awe of all the amazing women in the LSF Community who push themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally during our challenges, but especially during LSF30! The beginning of the year is not an easy time to get back into the swing of things and push yourself to get into a consistent routine. Coming off of the holiday season is exhausting and often a fitness challenge is the last thing on your mind, but I am SO proud of everyone who decided to choose themselves in 2023 and do LSF 30!

I am constantly impressed and inspired by the amazing transformation photos and stories shared during LSF 30. 

Together during this challenge we lost over 200 pounds!! Can you believe it?! Also to note, that is ONLY from women who submitted their transformations at the end of the challenge, so I know there are more pounds lost out there! Follow Team LSF on IG to see more! Everyone finished this 4 week challenge stronger than ever and I am so proud!

Now it’s time to shout out our LSF 30 winners! These women stayed dedicated and consistent with their Hot Body Meal Plan and LSF app workouts.

These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heartwarming stories!


 Lauren Sackett, @lsf_lau

Lauren is so inspiring! She lost a total of 12 pounds during this challenge! Lauren often would join a challenge with LSF and start it, but never saw it through. This is her first challenge she saw through the entire way and clearly, her hard work and dedication paid off!

Lauren has PCOS (polycistic ovarian syndrome) which has always made it more difficult for her to manage her weight since it greatly affects her hormones. She noted, “Just this past month realigning healthy habits has tremendously helped my mental health and I think my hormones – I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t gotten tested or anything but my cycle was very regular. No intense cramping, not super bloated, it was a set number of days instead of spotting for two weeks post period, all of the key things that I was struggling with the past six months and kind of gave up on.”

Lauren attributes a lot of her success also to the Hot Body Meal Plan, which helped her to guide her food choices and make her excited about a healthy meal! 

Overall, this challenge was amazing, I don’t feel like it was even really a challenge, because I feel like this is how I want to live my life now, so it was more of a steppingstone to the lifestyle that I have been telling myself in my head I was going to do but wasn’t actually implementing. Your mind can be very convincing when you tell yourself over and over again that it’s impossible for you to lose weight and it doesn’t matter what you do you won’t lose weight — when in reality, all I had to do was sit down with myself and recognize that I am in control of how I live my life and if I want to live healthier and be stronger and back to how I used to be when I played sports and was super active then I need to move!! it feels isolating to feel stuck and lost and hide yourself underneath baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts but I’m so proud of myself for coming this far and I’m so happy that my boyfriend joined me on the meal plan because it helped so much to have support and encouragement. Started at 248 and ending at 236 pounds – woohoo!”

We are so proud of you Lauren! You’re an inspiration to us all and we are so excited to see what you accomplish in the next challenge! 


 Trishia Jablansk, @trishia_jablanski 

Trishia loved the LSF 30 challenge because it helped her to realize that she needs to focus more on listening to her body and how she’s feeling, and less on intensely tracking every macro shes consuming, “I don’t need to count, weigh and track every bite I take through the day and stress about being in the game an hour plus each day.” Her dedication to the challenge led her to a 5 pound weight loss!

I so appreciate her workouts and easy meals, I’m a military spouse, homeschool mom of 3 and 7 months postpartum with a baby that doesn’t like to nap much haha so time is not always on my side but my health is very important to me as is allowing my children to see me make that time a priority.  I never realized just how much I could do in 30 minutes at home and thank you so much for opening my eyes to this!

Absolutely killed it, Trishia! 

Sara Arguello @saraarguello_teamlsf

Sara did an amazing job throughout LSF 30! She participated in our Making Moves program to further her motivation and encouragement throughout the challenge while also using the Hot Body Meal Plan and other LSF nutrition products such as our proteins, Miss Congeniality Mood Boost, Wing Woman Immunity Boost, and Pep Rally Energy Boost! Her thoroughness with LSF 30 led her to an 8 pound weight loss! 

I love the challenge, I felt motivated and focused the whole time. Even with life’s obstacles I was still able to reach my goals and commit to myself. I feel absolutely amazing. I love the app and I love how I feel.” 

Brb while I cry tears of happiness for all the bad ass women who committed themselves during this challenge! It’s been proven time and time again that taking at least 30 minutes for yourself daily with these workouts and sticking to our meal plans will get your RESULTS! And lasting results nonetheless! 

I can’t wait to see all the amazing transformations I see in our next challenge, Spring Shape Up 2023. See you then! 

Xo, Katie

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