Giving yourself a second chance to live

The fear of the thoughts of living alone without my family gives me goose pimples that rips my mind of all ideas that one could ever think of. Last year, I watched my wife leaving gradually leaving. One the unfaithful, I returned to see my wife unconscious on the floor. I rushed her to the hospital just to notice find out that, she was diabetic and she got just few months to live. Perplexed, I though of everything. Wondered how I will tell my children that their mama slept and could not wake up. Thought of how I will cater for our three kids. For a moment, I felt my own world came to a stop. As we move close to the due date as given by the doctors, she ended up feeling weary, a failure, lost of appetite, constantly tired, aggressive and depressed. Irrespective of how mush I was there for her after quitting my job just to make sure she has the best of her end days, I couldn’t help it to accept the fact that she is going. I saw my home ruined and I felt punished.

After we the routine visit, her blood sugar kept increasing to 488 and her weight increased geometrically. But yet I was hopeful when I learnt of the possibility of natural means to counter this. A means to free my wife from the prison of type 2 diabetes. I am sharing this today because I remain grateful and it will be my greatest sin to keep this from others. I believe, just as i was told and I got back my wife, someone out there may equally feel the hope of living again.

In this extract, I will share with you all I think you should know so together we can defeat this for good and give you a happy family like mine now. Be hopeful. For there is still enough life to live.

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