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What can I do to lose weight and keep it off? 

That’s the million-dollar question! I’ve tried keto, calorie counting, portion control, working out 5 days a week, and juicing to name a few. The only results that I got from these, were depression and struggling more!

Changes finally happened for me, but it wasn’t until I started to change my daily habits and commit to eating healthier meals. And choosing to “Find my fitness”. 

I’m telling you there is no healthier way. Why do I say that? Read on! 



Get Back to The Basics for Weight loss

How were our bodies and body systems designed to run? They were designed to run well when fed good food or fuel. Food that is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

Whole foods are full of these essentials. Clean food that’s grown in a luscious garden or can also be sold at your local grocery. 

This good fuel will in return, help us maintain a normal body weight and help us to fight diseases. 

How to Get Started and What Should You Know? 

Eat mindfully – Be aware and present in the moment when you eat 
Cut out sugar and refined carbs   
Replace with whole grains and good carbs because these stable blood sugar and have less fat accumulation.

Add protein to each meal because hunger levels go down & you eat less calories
Eat plenty of fiber because it slows down digestion & you feel satisfied
Especially in the beginning track what you eat. It helps to see the ‘big’ picture and see where you need to make improvements
Watching your calorie intake, eating mostly whole foods, and exercising have proven for centuries to be the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight.
Low calorie diets, with whole foods are sustainable
Keep healthy foods and snacks on hand 
Don’t bring it home and you won’t eat it (you’ve heard me say this before!)
Eat balanced meals for every meal (more information below) 
Research and utilize portion control to prevent overeating and calorie overload
Grab a notebook and keep recipes on hand that use whole foods 
Rotate these delicious recipes in your weekly menu 
You don’t have to do drastic exercising (walk, power-walk, jump rope, do a 15-minute workout video, stretch, or swim)

Eat Balanced Meals 

Set your goal to eat balanced meals at every meal. Meals should contain vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, protein, and whole grains. Take a minute and read this article for loads of information and what you should be eating! It’s very helpful One-Week Healthy and Balanced Meal Plan Example ( 

Eating balanced meals helps give your body what it needs to regulate and maintain a healthy weight. You have a weight loss system built in! 


Burning Calories 

The number of calories you eat plays a big part in weight gain or loss. The idea is to burn more calories per day than you are eating. The results will be weight loss! Read this great article for more information 3 WAYS TO BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU’RE EATING

Walking briskly for15-20 minutes after you eat a meal, is the perfect way to burn daily calories and keep your heart healthy! 


What We Do Know About Low Carb – The Latest Craze

It was important for me to pass this information on to you because ‘low carb’ is all over the internet. Please, do your research and be careful following any restrictive diets, as always, consult your doctor. 

Long term effects of low carb diets are NOT known
Low carb eating is known to burn more stored fat
 To Deny the body starchy (slow sugars) and fruits and sweet foods (fast sugars) and force the body to get its energy from elsewhere.
Low carb dieting is hard to sustain 
Depriving oneself this or that food often leads to frustration, deprivation and craving

Time to get healthier! Again, you have a weight loss system that you were born with, you need to use it correctly. 

I’m Sabrina, with Curly Girl Fitness we want to support and encourage you and your family to take steps to live a healthier lifestyle! Visit our shop, check out our fitness apparel shop with styles you will love and that make perfect gifts! Shop Now! Shipping is free in the USA!



























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