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Do you find it easier to stay motivated with your workout routine when sharing the experience with others? If you have a hard time working out on your own, then one solution is to join group exercise classes where you can share friendship and encouragement with other people.

Whether you are trying group exercise classes for the first time or already know that this is your preferred type of workout, consider joining our team at Fitness Nation. We offer a variety of classes and personal training options, giving you the support, accountability, and structure to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

When you experience group exercise classes for yourself, it’s easy to see the many benefits available through this workout style. Here are some of the most popular reasons why gym members choose group classes instead of spending solo time in the weight room or on cardio equipment:

Find Inspiration: Even if you aren’t feeling motivated one day, finding the inspiration you need to stick to your fitness goals is easy. Show up to class, and you will be surrounded by other people who offer encouraging words. Plus, your classmates will lead the way by pushing through an extra rep or increasing the intensity of the workout. Don’t be intimidated by the people in the class who are fitter or stronger than you – use their example as motivation to improve your fitness efforts.
Professional Support: One of the reasons why injuries happen in the gym is because people are completing the exercises without proper form. The instructor overseeing your group fitness classes will pay attention to how everyone performs these exercises and offer tips about improving form overall. As a result, you might be able to avoid injuries because your trainer is helping you correct the common mistakes that lead to injury. Proper form is more difficult when working out on your own, especially if you don’t have experience or training with these types of exercises.
Community Mindset: There is something to be said about joining a “fit family” and establishing friends with similar habits and goals. When you find friendship at the gym, then it’s likely that other extracurricular activities will be centered around healthy activities. For example, going out to dinner means you will likely eat at healthier restaurants instead of fast food.
Change Up Your Routines: When you are working out alone, it’s hard to come up with ideas for your workout sessions. Group exercise classes provide a simple and easy way to add variety to your routines, helping you access the best results overall. You don’t have to worry about what set is coming next because the instructor already has a plan. So, you simply show up to the class and follow the directions.
Built-in Accountability: Accountability is an essential element to ensure that you stay consistent with your fitness goals. When your classmates expect you to show up each day, you have the accountability built in that keeps you consistent each week.
Fun Exercises: Many people agree that group exercise classes are more fun compared to solo workouts. It can be boring to put in 30 minutes on a treadmill. On the other hand, a fitness class is full of lots of different activities, fun music, interesting people, and great conversations.

Why Back to School Is the Perfect Time for Fitness Goals

Now that the kids are back in school, many parents find they have more flexibility in their daily schedules. If you are ready to double down on your fitness goals, then it might be the perfect time of year to join one or more group exercise classes.

Choose the classes you want to attend, then mark your family calendar to ensure your exercise sessions are part of the routine. Even 30 minutes a day can add up to excellent results in the future. Look for classes that are convenient for the kid’s school schedule. For example, you might drop the kids off at school and then head straight to the gym for a class that starts in the morning hours.

When you are choosing group exercise classes, look for the types of exercises that will deliver the highest results in this short exercise session. For example, high-intensity training (HIIT) is a great way to increase your heart rate and build muscle at the same time.

Even if you still have younger kids at home, look into options for a playroom or child services. Or find family activities that you can enjoy together. For example, everyone can enjoy movement in the swimming pool together or playing basketball. You will always find reasons not to exercise. Turn them into reasons to get out there and work out.

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of the Family

Remember that prioritizing your health and wellness makes a big difference in the way you are able to show up for your family. If you feel energized because you are consistent with your workouts, you will be a better parent overall.

Group exercise classes can be an effective way to maintain a strong and healthy body. As you improve your health and feel better about yourself, these benefits will shine through into all other areas of your life.

Your healthy lifestyle is an important step to set a good example for your children. When they see you dedicating time and attention to good habits, it becomes a normal and expected part of daily routines.

Join Fitness Nation for Exercise Support

Are you ready to commit to a better workout routine? Finding the right fitness center is an important first step that will keep you on track now and in the future. For more information about our facilities and group exercise classes, reach out to our team at Fitness Nation. We offer a variety of solutions to help you create the ideal fitness and lifestyle routines you desire.

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