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  • 3 Power Moves to Get Great Arms
    Ready or not… here comes summer!  Time to wear those cute tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits.  Are you ready to show off those arms? Or are you ready to cover them and run? Muscle mass declines with age, your metabolic rate slows down, you gain weight. Declining hormones levels that are critical to muscle building
  • Try Speed Walking for Weight loss and a Mental Health Boost
     Are you struggling to stay true to your own health and fitness journey?   When you attended school, you were taught to stay active and participate in sports to stay healthy and fit and most had gym class.  As you have gotten older, I bet your doctor encourages you to walk and stay active for
  • Try These Spectacular Veggie Side Dishes
    A delicious side dish can be the star of the show for any meal.  We all have regular, routine side dishes that oftentimes become boring! Why not try a new recipe? Step out of your comfort zone.  Your entire family might fall in love with the next delicious side you make, wouldn’t that be wonderful?
  • Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes
    Some of the most delicious, juicy fruits become ripe and available during summer.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears to name a few of the headliners!  Think back to your childhood and I bet you have a memory or picking these gems with cousins, brothers or sisters, parents, or grandparents. Wiping them
  • How to Lose Weight by Walking
    How to Lose Weight by Walking Because you’ve tried everything else and you feel as if nothing will ever work! The weight just won’t come off! Diets stink! You’re not motivated to exercise or just don’t have the time.  Walking has so many powerful health benefits. Done correctly, it can be the key to losing
  • Get Back to The Basics for Weight Loss
    What can I do to lose weight and keep it off?  That’s the million-dollar question! I’ve tried keto, calorie counting, portion control, working out 5 days a week, and juicing to name a few. The only results that I got from these, were depression and struggling more! Changes finally happened for me, but it wasn’t


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  • Two Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Well, this week was full-on taper mode for the Barcelona marathon on March 10th! Technically I’m one week away from the race today (Sunday March 3), but this is a recap of two weeks out. I cut way back on pilates/strength and mileage. Here’s how it all went! Monday: Rest from running, pilates at the
  • Weekly Recap: 3 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Hello! Welcome to my personal blog about running, mostly marathons, and life in London as an American. I’ve been living here since July 2022; I was previously pursuing the 50 states marathon goal (a marathon in every state), but since moving to London, I have switched my focus to seeing as much as I can
  • Weekly Recap: 4 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Whew, what a week! This was peak week of training for the Barcelona marathon on March 10th. I will start a 2-3 week taper now, with 15-ish next weekend for the long run, then 10, then the race. Excited for marathon #44! Here’s how this week went in training (and in life in London!) Monday:
  • Weekly Recap: 5 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    I hope you are all having a fab February so far! Just 5 weeks until my next marathon, the Barcelona Marathon on March 10th! I’m excited to go to Barcelona for many reasons, one of which is that my niece is studying abroad there, so I’ll be seeing her, which is grand. Dustin is not
  • 6 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Yay, January is finally over! We are in the great, short (though a day longer than normal) month of February. Spring is on its way! Here’s how training went for the Barcelona marathon, which is in 6 weeks. (But first, I did post a recap of our trip to Zermatt if you’re interested. Read it
  • Fits on the Road in Zermatt, Switzerland
    On January 14-20, Dustin and I went on a snowboarding/ski trip to Zermatt Switzerland. This is a recap and summary of that trip; I love to share for my own journaling as well as to hopefully help anyone who might be planning a trip to Zermatt! Both Dustin and I snowboard, but for brevity, I’m
  • Weekly Recap: 7 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Hello friends! I’m still working on my post about our recent trip to Zermatt, Switzerland- stop by this week. For now, I’ll move right onto my weekly recap of training for the Barcelona marathon, which will be in 6 weeks. Monday: Rest from running. After my rough long run the day before, I knew a
  • Weekly Recap: 8 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Hello from London! I mentioned in last week’s recap that we were in Switzerland to snowboard for the week, but we are back home. Due to the ski trip, this recap doesn’t include as much running as normal- not even half as much! I’ll count it as a cutback week and get back to Barcelona
  • Weekly Recap: 9 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Hello from Zurich, Switzerland! We flew here today from London, and tomorrow we take the train to Zermatt, where we are meeting 5 friends from the U.S. to ski/snowboard for the week. But first, let me share a recap of training for the Barcelona marathon last week! Monday: Rest from running! Beginner pilates at TEN
  • 10 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Welcome to 2024! I hope your new year is going well so far; the first week of my year felt focused on marathon training and of course, work, as everyone came back from the holidays ready to tackle all those things we pushed from the end of 2023. London weather was very London-y, with lots
  • Weekly Recap: 11 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    Can you believe 2023 is coming to an end today? I feel like this year went so quickly. It was our first full year of living in London! I hope to publish a short recap of some of the highlights (and maybe some lowlights) of the year soon. But first, let me dive into my
  • 12 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon
    I hope everyone is enjoying this festive season; as the Brits say, “Happy Christmas!” (I feel like Americans only say Merry Christmas, so “Happy” Christmas always sounds British!) This is my weekly recap of training for the Barcelona marathon in 12 weeks and a recap of life as an American living in London: Monday: Track