Egg White Crystals Are Back!

5% Nutrition is bringing back a classic and a product that is requested by their customers two to three times per day. Egg White Crystals will have the new Legendary Series look and will be available by the end of February.

Egg White Crystals are real eggs – but more convenient to incorporate into your daily nutrition plan. You can bake with them and cook with them. Add them to any food or shake. Egg whites have higher BV, PER and NPU than many other types of protein. Plus, the Egg White Crystals formula meets Rich Piana’s requirement of getting most of your protein from real food first.

Real Food Supplement

Rich Piana, the founder of 5% Nutrition, believed that real-food meals should come first. Then add in supplements. Rich inspired several food-based supplements throughout the 5% line. These include Real Carbs, Real Carbs + Protein, Shake Time and Real Carbs Rice. The return of Egg White Crystals represents the dawn of another great 5% real food supplement. Egg white protein is the only ingredient, and one serving gives you 20 grams of egg white protein.

Get the Protein You Need

The convenience of Egg White Crystals sets them apart. Most of us lead busy lives and have a hard time sitting down to a meal. Egg White Crystals can help you get the protein you need. Take them to work, school, or wherever you need to go. Unlike real eggs, they do not need refrigeration. Mix it with Real Carbs or Real Carbs Rice, and you have a drinkable whole-food meal! 

Egg White Crystals Are Real Eggs

Egg White Crystals are real eggs. They’ve had the water gently evaporated, which leaves pure egg white crystals. Add water, and you’ve got fluffy egg whites.

Use these the same way you use regular eggs. Or, mix them into your shake or smoothie. Rich always added egg whites to his Real Carbs shake. And Egg White Crystals are free of hormones and antibiotics.

Egg White Crystals Compared to Egg White Powder & Whey

Whey protein. Egg White Crystals have a high net protein utilization (NPU) rating that’s comparable to whey. They also have a comparable BV, and a higher PER.

Dried egg white powder. Egg White Crystals and powdered egg whites are both high in available protein. However, Egg White Crystals are produced from gently evaporating the water at lower temperatures making them taste better as well as mix better than powdered egg whites. With 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals, you can experience the benefits of real food protein sourced from egg whites at home or on the go.

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