Q&A: how I de-stress, the weekly task I don’t enjoy, and tips to stay active

Today we’re diving into an “Ask Me Anything” episode, where Robins answers your most asked questions from Instagram..  The questions Robin answers today are the ones that she thinks will have the most impact, and hopefully help as many people as possible. Some are informative and specific to Pilates and exercising, and some are moreRead more ⟶

Gentle Full Body Stretch

A quick Pilates stretch that’s great for flexibility! All of our Pilates workouts include some form of stretching, and this routine includes the best of the best! These stretches will help relieve tension throughout the body and reduce stress – you’ll feel so much better than before you started. Click here to view this workoutRead more ⟶

Simplifying nutrition + our mindset around food with Tamar Samuels of Culina Health

Welcome back to The Balanced Life podcast! To kick off this new season, we’re focusing on nourishment and our relationship with food. This can be a complex subject for many of us, which is why we’re looking at how to take a well-rounded and less complicated approach to food and nutrition. In this episode, we’reRead more ⟶

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