Oxygen Challenge 8 Category Winners

This year, we had an incredible turnout of amazing women who challenged themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through Oxygen Challenge 8. Five athletes stood out and today, we recognize them for their individuality, perseverance and dedication to Oxygen. (Photo: Nneka Gerrard) Biggest Transformation: Nneka Gerrard Age: 34 Location: Raleigh, NC Occupation: HOTWORX Franchise owner Team:Read more ⟶

Jana Redwine-Landfried: The Oxygen Challenge 8 Winner

For the past five years, Jana Redwine-Landfried competed in every Oxygen Challenge. (Yes, this is her fifth time.) She participated in OC3, OC5, OC6 and OC7, when she was named the Biggest Team Player. She was never crowned the winner—until now. Yet that grand prize was never her motivation…  “Each time I finished a challenge,Read more ⟶

Running, Coaching, and Living with an Autoimmune Disease

One day while waiting for the bus, Mireille Siné noticed her hands were freezing. This was strange because she happened to be holding a thermos of hot coffee, and it was a warm summer day in Southern California. Siné, who at the time was 21, shrugged it off—a weird one-off occurrence. But this incident wasRead more ⟶

7 Dangerous Gym and Exercise Practices to Avoid

Although it’s unnerving to see paramedics rush into a exercise facility, it does happen on occasion. Exercisers who pass out from not eating enough or who insist on “working through the pain” with an injury that hasn’t quite healed — among other dangerous gym practices — may find themselves taking the quick route to theRead more ⟶

8 Tips to Build Bigger, Stronger Glutes

Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means we’ll be trading our jeans and sweatpants for bikinis and shorts. Sure, having shsapely glutes is great when you peel off some layers, but there are plenty more reasons why growing those muscles is important. Hello, fitness longevity. For starters, strong glutes can help make sureRead more ⟶

10 Simple Swaps to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

There’s no escaping the constant nutrition headlines urging you to add more fiber to your diet. But why is this message so prevalent?  Fiber — a type of carbohydrate found in plant foods — appears to help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boost immunity and maintain weight, research shows. Fiber also helps add bulkRead more ⟶

6 Killer Drop-Set Combinations to Exhaust Your Muscles

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”  We don’t end up quoting legendary celluloid pugilist Rocky Balboa too often at Oxygen, but this one seemed kinda apropos, considering the topic. That’s because while he may have been making a point about boxingRead more ⟶

The Ultimate Hip Strength and Mobility Workouts

If you were asked to ID your core muscles, what would you name? Probably the rectus abdominis, the obliques, the lower back, maybe even the glutes. Sure, those are the glamour players that get the most press, but when it comes to primary core function, there are some other very important muscles to consider —Read more ⟶

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