Reduce Stress, Fatigue and Pain With Yoga

It’s no secret that yoga is relaxing for both body and mind, and study after study supports that claim. Healthy individuals can use yoga to reduce stress in their daily lives, but research indicates yoga may also improve cardiovascular health, and help curb fatigue and increase physical well-being for those undergoing cancer treatments. Yoga IncreasesRead more ⟶

Personalizing Your Cardio With Renee Jewett

The type of goal you have can dictate what kind of cardio you should be doing. In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of cardio. Which one should you be using? Renee Jewett teaches how to personalize your cardio to better achieve your goals as Animal presents “Personalizing Your Cardio with Renee Jewett.” #fitnessrxwomenRead more ⟶

Testosterone and the Mating Game

Q: Do high testosterone levels make guys “players”? A: Testosterone (T) levels are associated with sexual behavior and function. T plays a role in both mating and parenting. Married men tend to have lower T levels than single guys. Men who are fathers tend to have lower T than those who are not. On an individualRead more ⟶

Ideal Meal®

Ideal Meal® is a nutrient-dense meal replacement with an amazing macronutrient profile. By Bryan Hildebrand Ideal Meal® is a premium meal replacement unlike anything on the market. This isn’t another protein product or revamp of some old-school protein ideology. Each serving contains a precise and balanced level of carbohydrate to protein ratio to support muscle glycogen needs.Read more ⟶

Supply Chain Problems? Improve Nutrition and Grow Your Own Food

When you can grow your own food and hunt and fish, you are free from dependency of a supply chain for food. We find ourselves in a very precarious situation. There are serious disruptions to the supply line that many have become all too comfortable with and reliant upon. This is one concern that willRead more ⟶

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