3 Power Moves to Get Great Arms

Ready or not… here comes summer!  Time to wear those cute tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits.  Are you ready to show off those arms? Or are you ready to cover them and run? Muscle mass declines with age, your metabolic rate slows down, you gain weight. Declining hormones levels that are critical to muscle buildingRead more ⟶

Try Speed Walking for Weight loss and a Mental Health Boost

 Are you struggling to stay true to your own health and fitness journey?   When you attended school, you were taught to stay active and participate in sports to stay healthy and fit and most had gym class.  As you have gotten older, I bet your doctor encourages you to walk and stay active forRead more ⟶

Try These Spectacular Veggie Side Dishes

A delicious side dish can be the star of the show for any meal.  We all have regular, routine side dishes that oftentimes become boring! Why not try a new recipe? Step out of your comfort zone.  Your entire family might fall in love with the next delicious side you make, wouldn’t that be wonderful?Read more ⟶

How to Lose Weight by Walking

How to Lose Weight by Walking Because you’ve tried everything else and you feel as if nothing will ever work! The weight just won’t come off! Diets stink! You’re not motivated to exercise or just don’t have the time.  Walking has so many powerful health benefits. Done correctly, it can be the key to losingRead more ⟶

Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes

Some of the most delicious, juicy fruits become ripe and available during summer.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears to name a few of the headliners!  Think back to your childhood and I bet you have a memory or picking these gems with cousins, brothers or sisters, parents, or grandparents. Wiping themRead more ⟶

Get Back to The Basics for Weight Loss

What can I do to lose weight and keep it off?  That’s the million-dollar question! I’ve tried keto, calorie counting, portion control, working out 5 days a week, and juicing to name a few. The only results that I got from these, were depression and struggling more! Changes finally happened for me, but it wasn’tRead more ⟶

Healthy Chicken Recipes for Your Weekly Meal Menu

Why should you add more chicken to your weekly meal menu?   Chicken is a delicious, affordable, and filling protein source.  Why would you want to eat more protein? Protein is an important macronutrient that supports weight management, a strong immune system, and healthy bones and muscles.  Chicken Tips:  Chicken is very versatile when it comes toRead more ⟶

The Best Reasons to Join Your Local Gym

Are you still on your fitness journey? Do you want to finally lose weight and tone up your body? It can be exhausting can’t it? Knowing what to eat, what not to eat. Feeling guilty about eating period. Ugh!  Low carb, keto, roller skating, and biking are some popluar crazes right now in the fitnessRead more ⟶

Start Healthier Habits Now To Take Better Care of Yourself

Do you take good care of yourself?  If you answered “no”, or “kind of”, I would imagine that you may be struggling in certain areas? Maybe your weight, mental health, happiness, or you may have cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure?  If you are experiencing symptoms lately that something is off, you need to actRead more ⟶

6 Fabulous Foods for Better Health and Weight Management

Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to lose some weight and just feel better overall?  We’d like to help guide you to making changes for a healthier lifestyle with what we know and have researched to get results.  Being physically active is a very big part of being healthy andRead more ⟶

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