3 Weeks Until the Amsterdam Marathon

I’m getting down to the final stretch before marathon 40. Amsterdam will also be my first European marathon as a European! (I have run Berlin and London in the past for European marathons.) This was essentially my biggest week of training mileage wise; now it’s taper time! Monday: I started the day with a 7Read more ⟶

4 Weeks Until the Amsterdam Marathon

Hello all from London! It’s been an interesting week; just four weeks until my 40th marathon. Here’s how training (and life) went this week! Monday: First run commute from the new place! It should really only be 4 miles, but I ran through Regent’s Park and missed a turn, so it turned into 7.7. Eeks!Read more ⟶

Beat the Summer Heat: Cool Off with a Gym Membership

It’s hard to find the motivation to exercise outside when the weather is hot! How are you managing your workouts during the summer months? If you don’t like spending time outside in the heat, then it might be time to consider your indoor exercise options with a gym membership. The truth is that outdoor exercisingRead more ⟶

Pink Punch Wing Woman Margarita

pink punch wing woman margarita It’s basically summer and we’re feeling alll the poolside cocktail feels! Make this pink marg of your dreams with NO SUGAR + immunity boosting benefits of the secret ingredient: Wing Woman immunity boost. Pink Punch Wing Woman Margarita Ingredients (makes 1) 1oz tequila.5oz fresh squeezed lime juice1/2 scoop of LSFRead more ⟶

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