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As a hard-training athlete, you put your body through the ringer every day with rigorous workouts – and your joints feel trashed. It hurts, it creaks, and it aches. It’s become such a common routine and you realize there are no excuses so you just push through. But do you have to live with the discomfort? Not any more: joint health is part of the foundation of a healthy athlete, and you can find relief with Animal Flex, a comprehensive joint health and support matrix. The one-a-day pill packet is also available in powder form, so any way you like it, use Flex to protect, repair and restore.

Animal Flex is formulated for the bodybuilder and athlete that puts their body to the test in the gym and on the field. And it’s available in a 44-pack container, or in a 30-serving powder. Animal Flex Powder comes in easy-to-mix Orange and Cherry flavors and includes collagen for healthy connective tissue.

Whichever delivery method you choose, Animal Flex has you covered. That’s because Animal Flex consists of several key joint protection complexes that makes it strong enough for bodybuilders and athletes that push their body to the limit. Animal Flex combines ingredients like Turmeric, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Curcumin, MSM, Flaxseed Oil and more. Animal Flex works not only to repair and restore joints, but also protects your ligaments.

Animal has been trusted by the pros around the world for over 30 years. You work hard in the gym, you prep your meals, so why compromise with your supplements? Trust what the pros take.

Simply take 1 serving daily with any meal during the day so you can grind through your daily beating and get relief and fortification for your next workout. Animal Flex is so effective that you only need a single dose every day, unlike most joint products. Animal Flex is a foundational supplement, so you can take it all year long without the need to cycle it.

Runners’ knees take a pounding from the street. Fighters’ elbows and hips wear down from hours in the octagon. Your joints ache just from everyday life. Whatever your passion, you need Animal Flex in your program. Relieve some aches and pains and lubricate and protect your joints – and get to work.

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Animal Flex: Designed for Athletes, Perfect for Anyone

• Consists of Several Key Joint Protection Complexes

• Superior Joint, Ligament, Tendon, Tissue Support Formula

• Maintain Joint Function, Elasticity and Flexibility

• Highly Available Absorption to Rebuild Cartilage

• Complete Joint Lubrication Complex

• Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM

• Turmeric, Ginger, Flaxseed, Hyaluronic Acid

• Available in Convenient Grab-and-Go Packs or Delicious Power Formula

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