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March is Women’s History Month and in honor of that, we will be spending this month focusing on and appreciating the women who move us to move. 

The women in Robin’s family had a very profound influence on her direction and purpose in life. They moved her to move, motivated her to live an active and purposeful life, and helped shape and create the woman she is today.

In today’s episode, Robin shares seven life-changing lessons she learned from the women in her family. She dives into the power of unconditional support. She talks about the power of living an active lifestyle and the value of keeping a sense of humor in tough times. She also discusses the women who paved the way for her generation and explains why we should never take our health for granted or let stigma and shame define us.

Robin hopes that acknowledging and celebrating those women and sharing some of the lessons they taught her helps motivate you to take action toward becoming the woman you would like to be. Stay tuned today as Robin highlights some of the transformative lessons she learned from the women in her family! 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

The practical ways in which Robin’s mom showed her what it means to be supported, even when it made her uncomfortable or was something she would not have done herself. How the unconditional support Robin received from her mom helped her kickstart her Pilates career.The way that Robin’s mom taught her that she could work and follow her dreams and still be an excellent mom.The powerful lesson Robin remembers learning from her late Aunt Judy.How her Aunt Judy modeled what it looked like to live an active lifestyle through all seasons of life.The lessons Robin learned from her remarkable grandma, Linda.How keeping a sense of humor can help you through the most challenging times.How Robin learned never to take her health for granted.Why you should never let stigma and shame define you.The power in bringing issues of mental health or addiction to light.Robin talks about the brave and strong women who paved the way for future generations.

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