5 Movements You Can Do With One Plate

Fitness used to be all about excess — bigger gyms, bigger weight machines, bigger muscles, and if you look back over those old ’80s workout photos, bigger hair. Definitely bigger hair.

Those days are thankfully over, as fitness has trended toward a more holistic, minimalist approach. Now the world’s top trainers are able to forge fun, effective workouts with just a few carefully chosen pieces of equipment, from a kettlebell to battle ropes to suspension trainers, among other interesting implements. 

To prove how a little ingenuity can go a long way, we challenged one of our favorite Oxygen ambassadors, Josefine Holmberg, with creating a full-body workout with something you’ll find in nearly any gym or perhaps even at home: an Olympic weight plate.

The celebrity trainer, online coach and NPC bikini competitor based in Los Angeles delivered. In just five moves, Holmberg’s routine hits the legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and core. After a mere half-hour, you’ll be toweling off and wondering how the classic barbell suddenly became so extraneous!

The One-Plate Whole-Body Workout

The best type of equipment for this will be a weight plate with built-in handles, such as those offered by Hammer Strength or Power Systems. If you don’t have one of those options at the ready, you also can use a traditional plate, as long as you’re careful in holding it securely.

For the following moves, you should choose a plate commensurate with your strength level — whether that’s a 10-, 25-, 35- or 45-pounder. “You’ll do the five moves in circuit fashion EMOM style,” Holmberg explains. “That’s ‘every minute on the minute,’ doing each exercise for the reps listed below, then resting and moving on to the next exercise by the top of the next minute. Perform five rounds total, which should take about 30 minutes when you figure in any additional rest you need between rounds.”

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