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I’m getting down to the final stretch before marathon 40. Amsterdam will also be my first European marathon as a European! (I have run Berlin and London in the past for European marathons.)

This was essentially my biggest week of training mileage wise; now it’s taper time!

Monday: I started the day with a 7 mile run around Regent’s Park. Large parts were blocked off by police as the path went close to the ambassadors’ houses, where people like the Bidens and Obamas were staying.

It was a UK holiday for the Queen’s funeral. I had planned to work from home; even though it was technically a holiday, I work for a global team and it was business as usual for most, but around 10 am, Dustin (who was also working from home) and I decided we should try to watch the funeral with the crowds at Hyde Park, so we made our way there on the tube. The crowds were nuts, of course; the park had multiple huge screens broadcasting the funeral.

It was all worth it, particularly when there was the two-minutes of silence- in such an enormous crowd, it was really moving for everyone to actually be quiet for a full two minutes. And then everyone started singing God Save the King! So cool and I’m really glad we decided to join the experience. It will a long lasting memory for me for sure.

On the way back to our place post-funeral, we passed several “American Candy Stores.” We went into one out of curiosity- they had JIF peanut butter and Gatorade! Guess those are considered American candy, ha!

After I posted about the store on Instagram, a few people reached out to tell me that I should avoid those stores, as they are a bit of a scam (no posted prices, rumors of counterfeit goods, not paying taxes, etc.) Lesson learned!

I actually have found one peanut butter brand that tastes pretty similar to US peanut butter:

Tuesday: I was up early to take the tube to work, where I dropped off my stuff and then ran to Hyde park to meet up with an old Oiselle Volee friend who was in town. We covered about 5 miles together. I ended with 8 total with getting to the park and back. It was so nice to connect with a friend, doing what we love!

My friend brought me a few canisters of nuun too! Yay!

Wednesday: I ran-commuted to work for 6.2 miles, dropped off my stuff and then joined a small group of colleagues were doing a 4-mile social run. 10.2 miles on the day.

Such a pretty morning in London!

Thursday: I was up early for a track workout- 3 miles easy, then sets of 3 laps with each lap getting faster, 8 times, then a mile cool-down for 10 miles total.

From the minute I left my front door to the time I got into the track, I kept seeing foxes. There were two running on the actual track! I think I will always get a kick out of seeing them.

Friday: Wfh day! Ruth and I ran 3 miles in the Heath before picking up Matilda for a run/walk mile to pick up a package for 4 miles total. It was a little hard managing both dogs while carrying a package. More of a walk!

Saturday: My longest long run for Amsterdam- 22 miles! Dustin ran with me the 4 miles to Hyde park and then we split up, so I had 18 miles solo, but it wasn’t that bad. I alternated between podcasts and music. I actually felt pretty good- stayed hydrated and took 3 Maurten gels over the 22 miles.

The hardest part was navigating the crowds between Hyde and Regent’s before the home stretch back to the Hampstead neighborhood.

22 miles- complete!

Post-run, we took the pups to the Heath for some off-lead time (they LOVE it there) and then went to appointments at a local hospital to have our historical Covid vaccines loaded into the NHS system. Hopefully we will have our UK Covid passports ready on the app in 3 weeks!

We grabbed a late lunch at “On the Bab“- Korean street food. It was grand!

Later that evening, we made our way to Covent Garden to dinner at the Barbary Next Door, which was North African / Moorish Spain food. It was in Neal’s Yard, which is the cutest little courtyard. It’s worth a visit for the instagram pics alone, ha!

All in all, a fun filled Saturday!

Sunday: Dustin, Ruth, and I ran 6.75 miles through the Heath in the morning. Lovely day in London.

Summary: 68.3 miles! My biggest week mileage wise. Even though it was a big week in mileage, it felt really manageable, as most of the miles were very easy pace, and some were with friends and colleagues! I love combining running + social.

I’m linking up with Running on the Fly and Confessions of a Mother Runner; check out their blogs to connect with other fitness bloggers for workout ideas and inspiration!

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