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What a week…so much to do ahead of our move to London! (Such as selling both of our cars; it’s a great used car market out there!)

Despite all the prep, I still did my best to fit in training for the Amsterdam marathon, hitting my highest mileage week since pre-Boston marathon.

Here’s how this week went down:

Monday: 7.5 miles with my friends Isabelle and Julie; Isabelle is moving to Switzerland (she’s from there), so this was our last time running together before our respective moves. Hopefully we will connect in Europe!

We met pretty early and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the lakes.

20 min core + 30 min lower body on Peloton after work.

Tuesday: 5.5 mile run with Ruth before work at 5:15 am! She was bouncing off the walls and excited to run, and I was happy to have a buddy.

10 min core + 10 min barre after work, short and simple before a dinner with a few friends at Pajarito; trying to connect with as many people as possible before we’re gone, while still getting everything else done.

Wednesday: Rest day. We walked to Rosalia for dinner with our bocce ball friends before our final game with the team. They have found some replacements to keep the team going, thankfully. It was such a fun summer activity.

We will miss you, Mason and Julie, but hopefully see you in Finland this Christmas!

Thursday: 5.5 mile run with Ruth before work; 10 min core + 20 min upper body on Peloton after work.

Friday: I met up with my friend Julie; it was definitely humid out, but we were feeling good and somehow I ended up with a much longer run than planned, 9.7 miles! We had headed out on Minnehaha Parkway and realized we were pretty close to the bunny, so we just made it the whole way to say goodbye again; you haven’t seen the last of me, Peter Cottontail on the running trail!

Saturday: Long run with my friend Vicki; I did 3.7 miles before meeting her and knew it was going to be a rough one out there, and indeed it was. We took plenty of water breaks and walk breaks, but powered through an additional 10 miles for 13.7 for me. I had hoped to get in a bit longer, but when we got back to her car, I decided to take her up on an offer to get a ride home rather than run another 1.5 miles. It was that kind of day! Not my best long run, which was particularly bittersweet since it was my last long run around the chain of lakes.

Sunday: Catch-up run with my friend Nordica; she came to my neighborhood and we did 6 miles together. So great to see you, Nordica!

When I got home, I realized I was at 48 miles, so I grabbed Ruth and went back out for a short little 2 miler to hit 50 miles for the first time since pre-Boston. I’m hoping to fit in some strength tonight, but I’ll be honest, there’s a lot to do ahead of the move.

Post-run, we walked to Rosalia (again; twice in one week!) for lunch with our friends Craig and Richard; Craig ran the London marathon in 2016 when we ran it, and we hung out quite a bit on that trip; they are such a great couple. The two of them travel quite a bit around the global, so it was great to get their advice on places to visit!

Summary: 50 miles of running, random mix of strength on the Peloton app, lots of dog walks.

That’s a wrap on training for the Amsterdam marathon!

Next week is ‘the big move.’ I will be so happy when Ruth and Matilda are reunited with us in London after their flight (they have to go through Munich and will be driven from there by the pet transport agency.) Please, please, please let everything go smoothly with their travel.

Their crates arrived this week for the flight and we’ve been trying to get them comfortable with them…it’s not going all that well. Ruth isn’t a fan. We’ve been putting lots of treats in there and feeding them in there, hopefully Ruth gets a bit less afraid. They each have their own kennel, but will hopefully be side-by-side during their flight.

By this time next week, I will hopefully be blogging from across the pond! It will make it easier to get these recaps up early in the day, ha!

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