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  • 3 Power Moves to Get Great Arms
    Ready or not… here comes summer!  Time to wear those cute tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits.  Are you ready to show off those arms? Or are you ready to cover them and run? Muscle mass declines with age, your metabolic rate slows down, you gain weight. Declining hormones levels that are critical to muscle buildingRead more ⟶
  • Try Speed Walking for Weight loss and a Mental Health Boost
     Are you struggling to stay true to your own health and fitness journey?   When you attended school, you were taught to stay active and participate in sports to stay healthy and fit and most had gym class.  As you have gotten older, I bet your doctor encourages you to walk and stay active forRead more ⟶
  • Try These Spectacular Veggie Side Dishes
    A delicious side dish can be the star of the show for any meal.  We all have regular, routine side dishes that oftentimes become boring! Why not try a new recipe? Step out of your comfort zone.  Your entire family might fall in love with the next delicious side you make, wouldn’t that be wonderful?Read more ⟶
  • Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes
    Some of the most delicious, juicy fruits become ripe and available during summer.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears to name a few of the headliners!  Think back to your childhood and I bet you have a memory or picking these gems with cousins, brothers or sisters, parents, or grandparents. Wiping themRead more ⟶
  • How to Lose Weight by Walking
    How to Lose Weight by Walking Because you’ve tried everything else and you feel as if nothing will ever work! The weight just won’t come off! Diets stink! You’re not motivated to exercise or just don’t have the time.  Walking has so many powerful health benefits. Done correctly, it can be the key to losingRead more ⟶
  • Get Back to The Basics for Weight Loss
    What can I do to lose weight and keep it off?  That’s the million-dollar question! I’ve tried keto, calorie counting, portion control, working out 5 days a week, and juicing to name a few. The only results that I got from these, were depression and struggling more! Changes finally happened for me, but it wasn’tRead more ⟶


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  • Weekly Recap: Base Training
    Hello! I’m back with a weekly recap of training. My next marathon will be Vienna (Austria) on April 23 (same as the London marathon). The Vienna marathon is 20 weeks away- a bit too far to say I’m “marathon training” already. Instead, I’ll consider this period my off-season, with running (of course) and a bitRead more ⟶
  • Jumpstart Your Day with A Morning Routine
      Do your mornings start off with a bang when the alarm goes off? The race is on. Kids, breakfast, work preparation, school, and possibly 10 minutes for yourself to toss your hair back, put on some makeup, and grab an apple.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  We want to share someRead more ⟶
  • Fits on the Road: A Visit to Budapest
    Last weekend, Dustin and I visited Budapest for 3 nights. Here is a summary of our trip! We arrived Thursday late afternoon from London. The first thing on our itinerary was a river cruise on the Danube, but it didn’t start until 7 pm, so we headed out to explore a bit beforehand. We sawRead more ⟶
  • How to actually clear your skin!
    Why I ditched my 12-Step Skincare For years I had dull, tired-looking skin that I spent so much time and money maintaining. And even then, I was never quite happy with the options out there – harsh ingredients, expensive treatments, 12-step routines… none of it was for me. Nobody’s got time to do that stuffRead more ⟶
  • Running, Coaching, and Living with an Autoimmune Disease
    One day while waiting for the bus, Mireille Siné noticed her hands were freezing. This was strange because she happened to be holding a thermos of hot coffee, and it was a warm summer day in Southern California. Siné, who at the time was 21, shrugged it off—a weird one-off occurrence. But this incident wasRead more ⟶
  • Fits Do Race Reviews: The Porto Marathon in Portugal
    On Sunday, November 6, I ran the Porto Marathon in Porto, Portugal. This was a back-up marathon after testing positive for Covid two weeks prior, when I was meant to run the Amsterdam marathon. (Here’s a recap of my return to running after Covid.) Porto was my 40th full marathon and my first since movingRead more ⟶
  • 7 Dangerous Gym and Exercise Practices to Avoid
    Although it’s unnerving to see paramedics rush into a exercise facility, it does happen on occasion. Exercisers who pass out from not eating enough or who insist on “working through the pain” with an injury that hasn’t quite healed — among other dangerous gym practices — may find themselves taking the quick route to theRead more ⟶
  • A Summary of My Experience Running After Covid
    If you missed it, (catch up HERE) I was unable to run the Amsterdam marathon because I tested positive for Covid two days before the race, the day of my flight from London to Amsterdam. I had trained (and recapped my training on this blog) for 15 weeks and was excited and ready to race.Read more ⟶
  • 8 Tips to Build Bigger, Stronger Glutes
    Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means we’ll be trading our jeans and sweatpants for bikinis and shorts. Sure, having shsapely glutes is great when you peel off some layers, but there are plenty more reasons why growing those muscles is important. Hello, fitness longevity. For starters, strong glutes can help make sureRead more ⟶
  • How to Enjoy Thanksgiving and Stick to Fitness Goals
    Thanksgiving is commonly known as a holiday of over-indulgence. Families spend hours preparing rich and delicious foods, then share an afternoon and evening enjoying all of these yummy creations. If you are wanting to stick to fitness goals this year, then look for small, incremental habits that you can include in your holiday traditions. RememberRead more ⟶
  • 10 Simple Swaps to Add More Fiber to Your Diet
    There’s no escaping the constant nutrition headlines urging you to add more fiber to your diet. But why is this message so prevalent?  Fiber — a type of carbohydrate found in plant foods — appears to help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boost immunity and maintain weight, research shows. Fiber also helps add bulkRead more ⟶
  • 6 Killer Drop-Set Combinations to Exhaust Your Muscles
    “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”  We don’t end up quoting legendary celluloid pugilist Rocky Balboa too often at Oxygen, but this one seemed kinda apropos, considering the topic. That’s because while he may have been making a point about boxingRead more ⟶