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  • 3 Power Moves to Get Great Arms
    Ready or not… here comes summer!  Time to wear those cute tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits.  Are you ready to show off those arms? Or are you ready to cover them and run? Muscle mass declines with age, your metabolic rate slows down, you gain weight. Declining hormones levels that are critical to muscle buildingRead more ⟶
  • Try Speed Walking for Weight loss and a Mental Health Boost
     Are you struggling to stay true to your own health and fitness journey?   When you attended school, you were taught to stay active and participate in sports to stay healthy and fit and most had gym class.  As you have gotten older, I bet your doctor encourages you to walk and stay active forRead more ⟶
  • Try These Spectacular Veggie Side Dishes
    A delicious side dish can be the star of the show for any meal.  We all have regular, routine side dishes that oftentimes become boring! Why not try a new recipe? Step out of your comfort zone.  Your entire family might fall in love with the next delicious side you make, wouldn’t that be wonderful?Read more ⟶
  • Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes
    Some of the most delicious, juicy fruits become ripe and available during summer.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears to name a few of the headliners!  Think back to your childhood and I bet you have a memory or picking these gems with cousins, brothers or sisters, parents, or grandparents. Wiping themRead more ⟶
  • How to Lose Weight by Walking
    How to Lose Weight by Walking Because you’ve tried everything else and you feel as if nothing will ever work! The weight just won’t come off! Diets stink! You’re not motivated to exercise or just don’t have the time.  Walking has so many powerful health benefits. Done correctly, it can be the key to losingRead more ⟶
  • Get Back to The Basics for Weight Loss
    What can I do to lose weight and keep it off?  That’s the million-dollar question! I’ve tried keto, calorie counting, portion control, working out 5 days a week, and juicing to name a few. The only results that I got from these, were depression and struggling more! Changes finally happened for me, but it wasn’tRead more ⟶


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  • 5 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    It was a week…my mom’s birthday was on Tuesday, which was the first one since she died last June. It was a tough day. I miss her every day, but her birthday was particularly tough. (I shared this post last June about running through grief.) I feel compelled to acknowledge the cloud that was hangingRead more ⟶
  • Muscle-Building Tips So You Are Swimsuit-Ready for Summer
    As the weather starts to warm up and spring is in the air, many families are looking forward to fun plans and vacations coming up this summer. It can be exciting to think about days at the pool and outdoor adventures. If you are a little worried about being swimsuit ready, then right now isRead more ⟶
  • 6 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    Happy Sunday! I’m checking in with my normal weekly recap of training for the Vienna marathon, which is coming up quickly on April 23. Here’s how training (and life in London) went this past week: Monday: Rest day from running after a lot of miles the week before; needed that rest. That evening, I wentRead more ⟶
  • 4 Tips to Defeat Daylight Savings Burnout
    Spring is almost here, and with it comes daylight savings time change. Sure, we get more sunlight, but losing an hour of sleep can really throw off our internal clocks, leaving us feeling tired and sluggish for days. But fear not, because I’ve got some tips to help you avoid daylight savings burnout and keepRead more ⟶
  • Get Fit For Summer in 6 Weeks
    fit for summer Join To Get Fit For Summer Spring Slim Down is back & and this one is BIGGER and better than ever before! For the next 6 weeks we’ll work together to get you fit for summer! Join here. My challenges are designed to burn fat, tone your body and build crazy confidence!Read more ⟶
  • The LSF 3:1 Method
    Are you ready to MOVE with the LSF 3:1 Method? Are you ready to MOVE with the LSF 3:1 Method? Inside the MOVE app you’ll find hundreds of workouts for all fitness levels. These workouts are designed to burn fat, build lean muscle and help you get fit in 30 minutes a day. When IRead more ⟶
  • 7 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    I survived a big week of training for the Vienna Marathon! Here’s my recap of training (and life in London.) (If you missed it, I shared a recap of our weekend visit to the town of Bath, catch up HERE.) Monday: 7 miles before work, nice recovery run. The warthogs were out at the zooRead more ⟶
  • Fits on the Road: A Weekend in Bath, England
    In February 2023, Dustin and I visited the town of Bath, England for a weekend getaway from London. “Bath is a city in the Bath and North East Somerset unitary area in the county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. Bath is in the valley of the River Avon, 97Read more ⟶
  • 8 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    It was a nice week of London running and life, capped off with a weekend in the town of Bath. I plan to share a separate post summarizing what we did in Bath, so for now I’ll focus on the Vienna training part! Monday: Rest day from running. I did Iron Strength lower body afterRead more ⟶
  • 9 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    Happy Sunday friends! I hope you all had a great week. Here’s my recap of training for the Vienna marathon, which will be held on April 23, and a recap of life in London as a Minnesota/American transplant! Monday: I had a dentist appointment at 9:15 right down the road from our flat, so IRead more ⟶
  • LSF 30 2023 Challenge Winners
    I am always in awe of all the amazing women in the LSF Community who push themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally during our challenges, but especially during LSF30! The beginning of the year is not an easy time to get back into the swing of things and push yourself to get into a consistent routine.Read more ⟶
  • 10 Weeks Until the Vienna Marathon
    Only 10 weeks until my 41st marathon, the Vienna marathon! Here’s my recap of training (and life in London): Monday: Rest day from running. I had a big mileage week the week before and was due for a rest day. After work, I did do day 3 of Iron Strength, which was glutes focused +Read more ⟶